About Us

Our Mission

When Hemp50Plus was founded, we had one main reason for creating our company.

To create a CBD wellness brand that helps baby boomers to maintain and extend their independent lifestyles.

We found when boomers were asked, “what’s most important to you right now in your life?”  By far the number one answer was “to keep and maintain my independence and freedom.”

The Hemp50Plus line of CBD wellness products offer you the opportunity to take a bold step forward when it comes to your physical and emotional health.  If you’re “on the fence” about whether or not to try CBD oil, now may be the right time for you.

Since the truth about the benefits of CBD are becoming  mainstream, more and more  boomers are becoming aware of all the wonderful benefits our Hemp50Plus products can offer.  With only 7% of households currently using a CBD product, our industry is just beginning to grow and expand.

Our founders have over 43 years of entrepreneurial experience in building companies that have served a vast array of different consumers.  But the CBD oil market offers (by far) the biggest opportunity to serve the most people at the highest levels.

At Hemp50Plus we are committed to bringing you the highest quality CBD products that are grown right here in America, tested by independent third-party labs and delivered right to your front door.

Our Process

Our business model has been built around creating the highest levels of quality from “the hemp farm” to your front door.  Every person in our supply chain has been carefully vetted.  We have built strategic partnerships with some of the most reputable hemp farmers in the country. 

Each hemp plant grown is non-GMO and our farmers never use any harmful chemicals while growing the crop.  You can rest assured that each of our Hemp50Plus CBD products is 100% natural and will deliver the purest forms of CBD oil. 

Once we have harvested our hemp plants, we must then extract the CBD oil.  This process is called CBD oil extraction.  We extract the CBD oil from each hemp plant using a state-of-the-art CO2 process that delivers the highest and purest forms of CBD on the market.

When then send our CBD oil samples to an independent third-party testing lab. We test each batch for the presence of pesticides, mold, mildew, and heavy metals.

Our third-party lab then provides us with the test results – we call these certificates of analysis.   This is the level of commitment you can expect when you purchase a CBD product from our company.

At Hemp50Plus, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality CBD wellness products on the market. One of our main objectives is to earn your trust by helping you to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Giving Back

At Hemp50Plus, our CBD family of products empower active baby boomers on many different levels.   As part of our company’s strategic plan, we have chosen to give back to certain boomers and seniors through charitable donations.  Hemp50Plus will donate a certain percentage of company profits to help boomers and seniors who are having financial difficulty paying their utility bills. 

We know how living expenses can become difficult to manage at times, so Hemp50Plus wants to contribute in this area.

Our donations can also pay for much needed home repairs.  These repairs help to winterize the home and make the structure more energy efficient – helping to lower those utility bills even further.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in our industry and are looking forward to leading the way.  Giving back is one small way of saying “thank you.”

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best and hope that you truly enjoy using our products.

CBD helping senior citizen couple

American Grown Hemp

100% Natural

No Harmful Chemicals

Third Party Lab Tested

Ultra Clean Processing

100% Money Back Guarantee

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